Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Destination: MACAU & HONG KONG (Part 3)

Last part of our Macau and Hong Kong Trip.
*Photo Heavy*

Day 04. The night is not yet OVER. After dinner at Fernando's, we went to Galaxy to catch a movie.

The UA Galaxy Cinema has a total of 9 movie theaters. We arrived at the hotel about 9 pm.We wanted to watch Total Recall but the last show was 3:30 pm. At 10:15 pm we only had 2 choices, one was Madagascar and the other was To Rome With Love. Since I don't prefer to watch cartoons, we chose the later.

To kill time, we strolled around the hotel and found a Sasa store.Yehey!

We also went to the food court to grab snacks to take with us to the movie. This is the Taste of Asia Food Court. You will have to get a pre paid card and use that to pay for your food purchases.The food court has the following restaurants: Pepper Lunch, Pho24, Chilli N Spice, Da Ge Cantonese BBQ, Lugang Express, Prima Taste, Al Pasha Express, and a couple of other Chinese restaurants that I cannot read.

I got a huge hotdog sandwich and some cheesy fries to go.

Ordering is very convenient because you don't have to wait or keep on checking the stall if your food is ready. There's a number at the bottom of your receipt and just keep track of that number from this message board. When the food stall is done preparing your order, your number will pop up here.

My sister got a box of egg tarts.

When we were about to enter the movie house, the checker told us we cannot bring food other than snacks bought from the Galaxy Cinemas Concessions. It was a weird rule but the checker pointed to us those are printed at the back of the movie tickets. We just quickly finished the snacks and got some stale nachos from the concession stand before going inside. BOOOO!!!

Day 05. For our last day, I had to take my family to my most favorite restaurant in Macau, the Antica Trattoria da Isa. Click here and here for my previous posts on this restaurant.

After lunch we walked across the restaurant and we inside MGM Hotel to see this quarter's garden design.

It was a beautiful enclosed butterfly garden!

With real butterflies and scary looking moths.

Colorful butterflies will just fly towards you. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Since our departure time was at 9 in the evening, we did last minute shopping at Senado Square with the parents.

We also went inside St. Dominic's Church to pray..

and light candles for the entire family's safety and health.

Around 5 in the afternoon, we went back to our hotel.

We stayed in the lounge to chill and use the free wifi.

The End.

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. What a fun day! I wish more places had that food board and I would love to visit a butterfly place like that.

    1. Thanks Ech and Will! That butterfly dome was a fun place to hang out with the insects lol. if you are into those :D

  2. wish i could travel with you! hehe (:

  3. Actually bringing in outside food into the cinemas is not a weird rule in most of East Asia. Even in HK you're now allowed to bring in outside food, the best you can do is sneak it in through you're bag. And siyempre, no smelly food, otherwise you'd be caught.

  4. bringing in outside food into the cinema.. excited much?


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