Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chanel: Rouge Allure Velvet 35 L'Elegante

Last December, the companion and his family invited me to go to Duty Free Philippines to help them pick out goodies to be given to their staff and friends for Christmas. While strolling around getting yummy stuff and amazing gifts, the companion told me to pick something for myself when we passed by the Chanel make up counter. Yippee for me!

Chanel Description : ROUGE ALLURE invents ROUGE ALLURE VELVET Luminous Matte lip colour.

ROUGE ALLURE VELVET creates another way to wear lipstick. An alternative to shine.

More velvety soft and comfortable than any matte lipstick before, it adorns lips with deep colours and an intensely luminous matte finish. As moisturizing as a satiny lipstick, it feels as weightless as a second skin.

One click releases it from its black lacquered tube.

Its eight shades, enriched with ultra-thin mother-of-pearl particles, reveal their many facets to match your every mood.

What Color Is It : Bright but not too bright rose pink shade

Price : Duty Free is selling it for $29.00 but since we have the Privilege Card that has 10% off, we only paid $26.10 or approximately P1083.00.

What I Think About It : Since I was not prepared to get any, I actually didn't have anything on my mind that I wanted to get. What attracted me to this particular lipstick was the unusual casing. It was my first time to see this kind so I decided to get a good color from that Rouge Allure Velvet Collection. I tried a lot of reds but thought that I have already a lot of red lipsticks in my collection so instead I got this L'Elegante which is a muted red-pinkish lipstick. So far, everyone who saw me wearing it gave positive feedbacks.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. I have to say that the colour is very pretty! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Now that I'm looking again at those self portrait pictures, I see that I look so weird there... hmmm... Anyway thanks for the kind words Kasia! <3


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