Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ferino's Bibingka Gilmore

Last Saturday, the companion and I were still having a "Christmas Hangover" and we were both craving for Bibingka. He suggested we go all the way to Greenhills just to eat at Ferino's. I've never tried or heard about this place before. So in spite of it was pretty nakakatamad to drive all the way to the far far away land (Greenhills), we still did because the companion kept on raving how he used to eat here all the time when he was younger and he remembered the rice cakes were simply delicious.  

Ferino's is located just beside the main road.

Our merienda:


Salabat is ginger tea. It was hot and good! This probably cured my snuffles.


Mixed with 2 fresh eggs, topped with salted eggs. The owner said this was the real Galapong style of Bibingka. I say it was NOT. I've been eating Galapong Bibingka since I was little in our province Angeles City. The texture of real Galapong should be chewy-malagkit and not cakey. Ferino's served us a cakey-mamon type of Bibingka so I think they make good Bibingkas, just not the Galapong type.


4 pieces glutinous rice rolls topped with butter, muscovado sugar, and coconut meat. This was good though I didn't like the woody weird scent the damp banana leaf cover emitted.

Uhmm.. I was expecting more because of how the companion hyped Ferino's to me. The rice cakes were OK but I won't be traveling an hour just to have them again.

Have A Lovely Day!

Ferino's Gilmore
4 Granada Street, Barangay Valencia,
Quezon City
Tel. 470 6493


  1. not so fond of bibingka but i LOVE puto bumbong! i miss xmas!

    1. Hahahaha! I laughed when I read your I miss xmas statement. I FEEL THE SAME WAYYYYY!!!! I wanna go back to Baguio and eat grilled mais and barbequed pusit!


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