Monday, January 07, 2013

Destination: Fontana

After our short but definitely relaxing stay to Baguio Part 1 & Part 2, we were supposed to go straight to Manila and wait for New Year to come probably by watching those cheeky MMFF movies at the malls. On the way home, my mom changed her mind. She's not really a mall person and she kept on thinking where to go so that the 2 baby girls with us would have a great and memorable vacation here in the Philippines. She thought about Fontana and the Water Park inside it. We haven't been to Fontana for such a long time. Hopefully it's still the same clean and great place to stay at.

This is the new reception area. It is connect to the Fontana Casino.

That's me with Audrey.

This is the super cute baby Aria, she's a girl to anyone asking.

After checking in, the golf cart took us to our villa.

We still got the usual 3 bedroom villa.

Upon entering, the air we whiffed was old and dirty.

The couch had a lot of dark stains.

The master bedroom

The master bathroom was old looking. Lots of cracked tiles.

Bedroom # 2

Bathroom # 2

Bedroom # 3. This used to be the maids / driver quarter. We were shocked that they transformed what used to be the 2 bedroom villas and called it a 3 bedroom villas now. We felt cheated!

There was no hot water and look at the dirty tiles.

Since it was late, we didn't bother to change our villa and just went out to find dinner. Since my Achi who is based in China was craving for barbeque, we went to Jun Jun's!

The next day, I woke up early and went back to the farm. I worked the entire day. I only went back to Clark around dinner time. We chose this newly opened Korean Restaurant Shinsun Sulungtang Corp. It was my second time to dine there and I like it immensely. Friendship Town near Clark is now known as Korean Town because Koreans have settled there and opened beauty salons, korean supermarkets and eateries.

The next morning we all wanted to go back to Manila and didn't want to extend our stay at Fontana anymore. Those 3 days and 2 nights were really awful. We find the whole place deteriorated and was not maintained to livable standards. Anyway, my sister and my brother in law woke up early to get us brunch. They got breakfast meals from Jollibee.

Pancit Palabok, Puto and Halo Halo from Razon's.

Overall, we did not have a pleasant stay at Fontana. We will NOT go back there anymore. The kids had fun at the Fontana Water Park though.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. OMG! We had the same experience! I was really looking forward to my stay there because they are so sikat right?! And yet that's what we got also. We had the villa with a pool and pool is dirty. We ask them to change the water. And then, they made us wait for HOURS! Nakakalokang experience. Customer service is very poor. The place is sooo poor. Hahahahah! Naglitanya talaga ako? :)

    Anyway Lovely, nice review. And glad you we're able to take pictures as proof. :)

    1. Hahaha! Rant away! Ewan ko ba anong nangyari na sa Fontana. Dati ang ganda ganda, ang linis linis tapos ngayon panget na siya. Sa pictures nga mukhang malinis linis pa pero puro bugs ung villa tapos ung bathroom talaga madumi. :D


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