Saturday, January 05, 2013

Destination: Baguio (Part 2)

( Continuation of my Baguio Vacation photo diary Part 1 )

After playing with the babies at BCC Christmas Village, we went back to meet up with the rest of the family at the Veranda to have merienda.

We had Beef Mami, Bibingka, and Puto Bongbong.

4th Stop: SM Baguio

We watched One More Try. I find the movie very confusing. The premise was Angel Locsin's son has a sickness related with blood and can die at any moment but the movie also insisted the only way to save the child was to have another baby with Dingdong. So it shows that they are sure the child wouldn't die in the next 9 months? If so why didn't they just go to US or Singapore to have the child get the best possible medical treatment?? KALOKA!

5th Stop: Burnham Park

We took a boat ride.

We also rode bikes.

The yayas were extremely giggly.

6th Stop: Camp John Hay

We checked out the outlet stores but nothing caught my fancy.

Oh wait, this shoe shelf did. Gucci shoes priced at 2k ONLY. Are they for real?!

After our unsuccessful shopping trip, we went back to Baguio Country Club to have dinner. We bumped into Pres. Noynoy that night have dinner with his entourage at Hamada. We had the Japanese Teppanyaki Buffet at Par 7.

I didn't eat a lot because I was pretty tired at this point. Only had 3 plates of food.

I like Salmon Sashimi :D

I consider these two as just one plate, the dessert plate.

After dinner we went to Raisin Bread to order breads to be taken back to Manila when we return home the next day.

I saw my SUPER DUPER MEGA favorite Strawberry Shortcake!

I got a slice which I enjoyed before snoozing.

The next morning, I woke up late and had breakfast late. Most of the containers were empty.

I was hoping to get a ham and cheese omelet but there were no ham and cheese left.

I just settled with a plate of greens.

I also had lots of crispy bacon, beef tapa, longganisa, and pork tocino.

Before leaving Baguio Country Club, we picked up our bread orders. Got a couple of loaves of Raisin Bread, 50 pcs of Pan de Sal, cake slices, cookies, Adobo Bread, Cheese Rolls, etc. We were trying to exhaust all our consumables.

Not sure if this was in Pangasinan or Tarlac. We got fresh mangoes, Bagoong or Shrimp Paste, and dried squids.

We all had a wonderful Christmas Vacation at Baguio. My parents surely felt relaxed while the babies had fun playing and touring around.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. I love BCC! I miss it :( try the sovital bread and banan bread. uber yummy!

    1. We also love the banana bread! We actually took home some! As for the Sovital, I'll try that!

  2. been wanting to try their raisin bread. i wish i could just simply buy them here in manila):

    1. I think they do deliver here in Manila! Ill ask my parents kasi I know nagpapadeliver sila para magamit lang consumables namin! Will update you here!

  3. My father always buy raisin bread from baguio country club, and we like it a lot

  4. Amazing pictures, as always :)) And the second photo of you with the baby is sooooo adorable :) Happy new year!


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