Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lush: Sunnyside Bubble Bar

LUSH DESCRIPTION:  Join us on the sunny side of the street with this molten gold bath of bubbles. Perfect for grey days when you wish for a bit of sparkle in your life. This bubble bar is your pot of gold from the end of the rainbow, as it melts into the water and turns your bath to shimmering liquid gold. We also packed it full of bright, uplifting oils that will help you keep your face towards the Sunnyside and let the shadows fall behind.

HOW TO USE IT: Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub. The stronger your water pressure, the more bubbles you will make. To get the most out of your bubble bars, keep them in a cool, dry place.

PRICE: P325 is the SRP but I got it on sale for P162.50 only.

WHAT I THINK: I love the smell of it. Well I guess I may be biased because I just love anything that smells citrusy. Upon holding Sunnyside Bubble Bar, a lot of glitters fell to my hand and arm. I was a bit worried that after using it in a bubble bath, I would come out like a glittering disco ball with golden glitters painted on my body which did not happen because all those finely milled golden powder will eventually dissolve in the water. I would repurchase this again.  

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Lush products always smell so yummy! I used a bath bar for the first time a few weeks ago, and loved it, but unfortunately the chemicals in the ingredients aren't too friendly for my skin... :/ enjoy enjoy enjoy them and think of meeee next time you use it hehe!

    1. Hi Yishi! May I know what bath bar did you use? I want to avoid that too! :D


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