Friday, January 04, 2013

Destination: Baguio (Part 1)

Right after the party at RS Farm ended, we drove straight to Baguio Country Club. We reached the cold place around 8 in the evening. We quickly checked in to our 3 reserved rooms as we were a lot because my Achi and her family came with us. We ordered room service before sleeping like a log. We were all exhausted because it was a 5 hour drive from Angeles to Baguio.

Here is my photo diary of our 3 days and 2 nights stay at Baguio. We wished to extend our stay but since it was fully booked till January 1st, we had no choice but to leave.

This year, Baguio Country Club set up a mini refreshment table at the entrance of the Club. It's free by the way!

The Lobby Area.

The room I shared with the parents. The place seems a bit old looking but if I'm not mistaken, they renovated some parts of the room like the bathroom to make it look cleaner.

View from our balcony. We always book the golf course view but since a lot of people made a very early Christmas reservation, rooms facing the parking lot were the only ones available.

The next morning we had buffet breakfast at the Cotterman Room.

Those two plates filled to the brim with food were the yayas and not mine! ( guilty much?! )

After breakfast, we took little Audrey to the play room while the men in our group went to the bathroom.

1st Stop: Mines View Park

Never miss having the grilled corn here.

Lots of pasalubong stores.

When I was younger, there used to be kids hanging on the mountain. We would throw coins and those kids would catch them down below. After numerous accidents because a lot of those kids would fall down and break their necks, I guess they decided to stop that practice.

I also never leave mines view park without having my grilled dried squid dipped in vinegar!

A taho seller passed by our car so we all got the super sweet strawberry taho cup. Audrey loved it so much she wanted another one.

2nd Stop: Good Shepherd's

We LOVE the strawberry juice with calamansi being sold at their food store.

Everyone had one.

Good Shepherd is being managed by nuns. They make the best quality of peanut brittle, strawberry jams, and other food pasalubong. We got a lot of Adobo Peanuts, Strawberry Preserves, Ube Halaya, and Chocoflakes to be given away to family and friends.

3rd Stop: Baguio Country Club Christmas Village

Located just across BCC, forget about coming here at night because the place will be super packed with people.

Baby Aria looks so ADORABLE!!!

We were riding the seesaw here and that creepy guy kept looking our direction. So for safety measures I took a photo with him in it. I watch too much Taken-type of movies so when traveling I'm a bit paranoid. lol.

To be continued...

Click here for Baguio Part 2.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. totally looking forward to reading your response(s)!!! :D :D :D you go on the best trips! i love all the pictures from the christmas village. i wish some day i'd have a legit white christmas—real snow and all.

    thanks for the note on the outfit pictures. i always welcome feedback and yes, i'll take clearer ones for you. promise xx

    1. Hahaha! Family trips are the best! I'm also wishing for a white Christmas. :D I'll be waiting for those pictures then!

  2. I miss Baguio! It has been our favorite travel destination. We go there almost every year. :)

    1. It was nice there. It was pretty cold at night that we really had to wear jackets.

  3. hahaha, yun Country club village na may mga houses anu yun bumabagsak na snow?? parang sa pic may umuulan ng snow si audrey! cute!! ^_~ regards dun sa creepy guy, baka naman nagagandahan lang cya sa beauty mu...^_~

    1. Hindi yan snow! Mga bula bula lang! Hahaha. Cute sa picture but I had to wipe my bag and myself kasi puro sabon na bula kasi mga yun. Nyeh! Ayaw ko ng ganyan sis! No to creepy guys!!!

  4. I want also to visit and travel in Baguio City. Hopefully I'll be there next month. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos you have taken at Baguio City and I appreciate it.

    1. My pleasure Viviene Tan. Are we in some ways related to each other? :D


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