Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Happy Thursday everyone!

Here are some of the awesome Christmas gifts I got last December.

I first saw this hair band being used by my Achi who loves Evita Peroni hair accessories. The next day I borrowed it and wore it here. I was planning to not return it anymore hoping she wouldn't mind but on the third day she called me up asking me to return it. BUMMER! I guess she really likes it too because most of the time she'd let me steal most of her stuff. :D Anyway, last Christmas when I accompanied her to shop at Glorietta, we passed by Evita Peroni. I decided to just close my eyes and splurge on the hair band I've forever been wanting to have. To my utmost surprise, my Achi took it and paid them all together along with her purchases. YIPEE!!! Thank you Achi!! <3

I love it so much I wear it all the time!

Next Christmas present I got was from my good friend Lyn.

Lately I've been obsessing with scented soaps. I've been buying those expensive ones from Lush and they're ok but I can't use them often because of the heavy price tags. So I'm very happy to get these organic scented soaps from Ilog Maria. Can't wait to use and review them!

One bright morning, my dad told me to leave the office and accompany him to the mall. This was an unusual request because whenever he goes out, he usually goes out with my mom or when he is doing fast errands, he does it by himself. Well, any excuse for me to leave the office is fine by me. So we went to SM Clark and walked to this area. A staff gave him a paper bag which he gave to me.

HOLY GUACAMOLE! My dad gave me a new Iphone! I'm not a techie person. I'm not even an Apple gadget lover. My BB phone is about 3 years old and as long as it is working, I would gladly use it. I guess my dad has no one to give this brand new phone so he gave it to me. Still, I'm SUPER HAPPY!

Last but not the least, one Sunday afternoon I was brought to Rimowa located at Resorts World Manila.

This greeted me inside the store.

I got a Limited Edition Multiwheel in Pearl Rose Color. It weighs 4.3kg with the dimensions of 74cm x 48cm x 26.5cm. I love it! I have a new lightweight travel luggage. I'm one happy girl! :D

Have A Lovely Day!

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