Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jun Jun's Bibingka & Barbeque Restaurant at Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Angeles City

To my readers who do not know, my mom is Kapampangan. My mom's family hails from Angeles Pampanga. She knows how to speak the language fluently but I can only understand a bit. Anyway, right after college, I packed my things and moved to the province to help out in our business. Lately, I've been thinking of doing restaurant posts from my beloved place. Spending every summer breaks in Angeles since I was little and now that I'm staying permanently for work, I have tried a lot of good eateries here. As you know, Kapampangan cuisine is one of the best in the Philippines. So I want to start my Pampanga food entries with the best barbeque place in town which is Jun Jun's Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant at Friendship Road.

Jun Jun's first started in San Fernando Pampanga which is about 45 minutes away from Angeles. They opened a second branch closer to where I live which will only take us about 20 to 25 minute drive so we can go there anytime we are craving for good barbeque.

These are the dishes one should try at Jun Jun's:


This is the best of the best! For me, it's even better than Aristocrat Barbeque. Like Aristocrat, they also serve the BBQ with a very sweet dipping sauce. Delicious!



Nothing beats Kapampangan sisig. Made from pig ears, pig snout and lots of onions. I usually have half or 3/4 of this sizzling sisig with 2 sticks of pork barbeque for my meal.




Not the cakey type but this is the Galapong type of Bibingka which is made from real sticky rice and not just white flour. It is chewy and more flavorful than the normal one.

These are my cousins from the mother side. This was taken last November 1 where we all gathered and visited our Gwakong and Gwama's graves, as well as the other relatives who are not here with us anymore. I rarely see them but when we do see each other, rest assure everyone will be chatting non stop and making chismisan to everyone! 

Dining here is super affordable. A set meal of barbeque, a serving of veggies, and rice would costs less than P200. Stop eating at C whenever you visit Angeles because Chef Chris does not work there anymore. He has his own restaurant in Manila now which is My Kitchen by Chef Chris. Instead, dine at local food places such as Jun Jun Bibingka & Barbeque Restaurant and you'd surely leave this province with a smile on your face.

Have A Lovely Day!

Jun Jun's Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant
Barangay Anunas, Fil-Am Friendship Highway,
Angeles City
Tel. 045 6256556


  1. Now i'm craving for Jun Jun's chicken barbecue, special rice and sisig!!! It's my favorite too and is one reason I thank God my in laws are from Angeles! haha More reason to go back to Pampanga to EAT!

    1. You should go to Angeles before you guys leave! :D

  2. the pancit + bbq looks like a perfect match!


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