Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cucina Andare at Glorietta Park

Last Saturday, my family and I checked the newly opened Cucina Andare located at the Glorietta Park. It is the first food truck market in the Philippines. It has a number of food trucks and food stalls hungry foodies can choose from. Compared to Mercato Centrale, this late night food venue is smaller but still a good and fun place to hang out nonetheless. Do check out some of the food trucks and stalls we stopped by that night. 

Yummy food we got:

Chicken and waffles sandwich. My siblings liked this so much they had seconds.

I first saw the concept of cheese enveloped by two burger patties in the TV show Man VS Food. So when I saw this burger concept being sold there I quicked got one. I find it really good. Will go back for this.

One order has 6 little taclings. My baby sister likes this.

Got this from Mrs. Po Recipe. The roast beef was tender enough but the rice was as my Dichi said and I quote "NFA rice" kind. We just ate the beef and mashed potato.

Pulled Pork Soft Taco. SOOO DELICIOUS!

Tasted like fried flour with bits of boiled egg. DO NOT ORDER!

My dessert. I refused to share this and ate all 4 slices by myself!

I don't particularly like Merry Moo but my sisters like it. They got Salted Caramel and Candied Bacon. I on the other hand got a scoop from Gelatissimo.


1. Classic Burger from Macheesemo Classie
2. Pulled Pork Soft Taco from Chef Broosy Ramen Truck
3. Waffles from Chicken + Waffle Haus

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. i wanna try the chicken & waffle! gotta agree, macheesemo burger was good!

    1. The Macheesemo Burger was really good but you have to eat it while its hot because the cheeses in the middle tend to solidify when it gets cold.

  2. wahhh, hindi ko alam may ganyan sa glorietta...obviously I'm either too busy sleeping or doing nothing lolz! Kakaiba yun waffle sandwich as in naubos cya in seconds~ lamon? lolz PG lng cguro...hahaha..jk =)
    Merry Christmas Lovely!! Stay lovely (naks!) as your name states! (naks!) hahaha..~ tc always and ikaw na official food directory ko! Tinatanong ako ng achi ko anu daw masarap kainin since uwi cya next month here then I just sent her your blog address and ask her to select nalang dyan....hahaha..^_~

    1. Meron sister! Well its something kakaiba and compared to Mercato mas malamig dito and presko kumain kasi open air siya. Haha sila lamon sila ako lady like parin! Chos!!!

      Anuh bah! puro kung ano ano lang sinasabi ko dito. lol. But thanks! <3

      Merry Chistmas and A Happy New Year Darling Janet! :D


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