Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Presents from Friends

Good morning everyone! How was your 12-12-12 day yesterday? Mine was completely normal. Nothing extraordinary happened. lol. But it's alright, because I got the most amazing gifts on my birthday!

At my age, I still get presents from my girlfriends! I actually told them not to get me anything anymore because I'm way too old to receive gifts. Their company at my celebration is enough for me. But they all still went out of their way and got me the nicest and sweetest things. 


Yes, teen romance books are still my guilty pleasure!

A micro mini skirt and my favorite Daisy Duck printed top. ( I have to wear leggings with that skirt Euni! Super ikli! You might be thinking I'm thin enough to just wear the skirt alone pero you are mistaken! I have fat ass na! )

One of the best birthday greetings I got was from Faui. I'll put this Brave Kimmidoll on my desk!

Another beautifully written birthday message from Em.

I so love this book because I'm a " food blogger! " I'm checking the list one by one.

Pretty necklace from Luxor Jewelry. You can find them at almost all the malls in the metro.

Thank you for the gifts girls! Next year ulit? :D

Have A Lovely Day!

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