Saturday, December 15, 2012

Destination: Misibis Bay (Part 2)

( Continuation of Misibis Bay Part 1... )

After checking in at the front desk and booking our activities, off to our villa for the next 3 days. The whole resort was big enough and the landscape was beautiful. I also noticed the surrounding was extremely clean. Not a trash can be seen anywhere.

You can take these home but they feel super rough on your feet.

They gave us complimentary fruits and a piece of cupcake.

Our baon.

After fixing our luggage and freshening up, my sister and I toured the vicinity.

Spice Market which is the dining place.

At night, they gave us another cupcake but again they only gave one. So I guess the four of us can only have one bite each. Nyeh!

The next morning, after a hearty buffet breakfast, we had our Eco Park Tour.

Our city tour group mates joined us again.

The Amphi Theater.

The Chapel overlooking Albay Gulf.

Our tour guide / golf cart driver kept on reiterating that Maggie Wilson and a Consuji guy got married here. In fairness the chapel looks pretty nice and modern.

Up next was our scheduled Zip line activity. This was also free. I just felt worried for our safety when we were asked to sign this waiver. But when I asked the help, he said it was quite safe and so far no accident ever happened.

All of the aunties were game to do this. Even my dad promised he would try the Zip line. Everyone was excited but no one dared to do it first. So I had no choice but be the first person to try it.

WEEE!!!! There are 2 Zip line rides that you will go through before reaching the landing.

While waiting for the aunties and my dad's turn at the Zip line, my sister was able to borrow this ATV. This is a motorized equipment so if I'm not mistaken, 30 minute ride costs around P2k . Rin-Rin was able to use it for 10 minutes free of charge!

Next stop was the snorkeling site.

Nobody wanted to do this because it was too hot and the grown ups were afraid of the water. I wanted to try it but because it was "that time of the month" for me, I couldn't go down and swim. So it was just Rin-Rin who went snorkeling while everyone cheered for her.

Every activity at Misibis Bay was quite safe because everything had guides.

After the afternoon activities, we went back to our room and relaxed for awhile. The parents had their afternoon nap.

Before sunset, we went back to the beach area and waited for our turn to use the Hobie Cat. I chilled at one of the beach bed while I asked my mother to take tons of photo of myself. Nyahahaha! I stole my sister's hat because my orange hat wouldn't fit my head. #bummer

Rin and dad used the Kayak.

Us boarding the Hobie Cat. After a min in the sea, since it was sunset the current of the water was pretty strong, my mom almost had a nervous breakdown. She screamed to be returned back to land. I was invited by the aunties to ride with them since one of the aunties was also afraid of the strong current. After this we went back to our room and waited for dinner time.  Dinner starts at 7:30pm.

On our last night we were given 4 sweets! Yehey! BUT the sweets were infested by ants when we saw them. The server forgot to put plastic wrap. :(

The next morning, after a hearty buffet breakfast again, we asked the receptionist for a 11:00 am departure since our flight back to Manila was at 2:20 pm. After reaching the airport around 12ish, we asked the driver to wait for us outside while we checked in our luggage. After, we went to Hotel Venezia which is a sister company of Misibis Bay and is only a min drive away from the airport. We had lunch there.

We ordered Pork Cordon Bleu and Bicol Express.

While waiting for time, we also dropped by the souvenir shop beside the airport.

They didn't sell much pasalubong stuff.

Before I forget, our room had 2 complimentary native bags for us to keep but since we are Chinese and we love to ask for more free stuff, we did ask and was given 3 more!!! That's the power of asking nicely and politely!

That's all folks!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Woooaaahh!! Ang ganda chi(^u^) the place looks supah relaxing and fun!!! (^u^) i will go there someday for sure!! Dami ba tao chi? And i love rin's and your outfits! Its so summery!! Pretty pretty (^u^)

    1. When we went there marami rami mga tao pero the resort was not full to capacity. I'll tell Rin-Rin that! Thanks Jhoanna! <3

  2. Wow!!!! I am here in Legazpi now for almost a year and I have been to Misibis yet. Hope I can go to this place soon. It seems to be very expensive :(

    1. Hello Anon! Yeah it's pretty expensive. We got a good deal from Deal Grocer. So just check out the net for those! :D


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