Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year New Haircut at Kerastase Institute by Salon Esa

I went to Kerastase Institute by Salon Esa with my Achi who just came back from China. We always visit the salon together whenever she comes back in Manila for a visit. I was feeling experimental. I was game to do something different with my hair. Rachel, my hairstylist, on the other hand kept saying "NO NO NO!" to all my suggestions...

" Rachel I really want a new look for this new year so do that. " I said with finality. ( taray! )

Scroll down to find out what happened next.  

My eldest sister was like " GO LOVELY! DO IT! "

My long hair reached my belly button. It was time to have it cut because I was getting a lot of tangles and split ends.

Rachel on the other hand was like " Ga, bahala ka. Huwag ka iiyak ah. " We did the backward dry cutting again. My chair was swirled backwards with my back facing the mirror because I tend to be OC and keep on looking at the mirror thus making my face tilted so Rachel always do this kind of method to me.

At first cut, I felt the heavy weight of my hair disappeared. I kept asking my sister how long was cut but she just laughed hard and told me me not to worry.

Rachel for the nth time asked " Gusto mo na umiyak ga?! "

I was pretty much panicking at this moment but of course I cannot be dramatic. Whether or not I like my new hairstyle, hair grows!

Rachel styled my hair after the whole ordeal. My hair is alright I guess but I'm getting flyaways from the shorter parts of my newly layered hair. I have to blower it dry whenever I go out whereas I was doing a wash and wear to my previous hairdo. 

Have A Lovely Day!

Kerastase Institute by Salon Esa
G/F 6750 Ayala Avenue,
Makati City
Tel. 8191040, 8190886


  1. hahhaha, kala ko ba naman massive haircut....Hindi naman masyado obvious, since mahaba padin cya..Pero bagay sayo yun curls. Permanent perm na yan? ganda ah! hollywood and dating ^_~

    1. Hahaha para sa aken massive ung 5 inches. I just usually get pa trim trim lang. Ok lang sa likod medyo mahaba pero sa sides ear length so nag fly away siya. The curls arent permanent. Those were just done with a curling iron. If magpapaperm ka hindi kaya ganyan kalaking curls, usually maliliit lang daw.

  2. Who has not messed up their hair while trying to color them at home? I have done it too and ended up with a color which looked like an uneven mix of amber and burgundy! Thankfully, Kerastase Hollywood treatment took care of my problem and my hair looked like normal again.


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