Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spice Market at Misibis Bay Resort

We had 2 dinner buffets and 2 breakfast buffets at Spice Market inside the Misibis Bay Resort. We had to because it was included in our Deal Grocer Package. What did we think about the food? Scroll down to find out! 

Let me show you the buffet spreads first on the 4 times we ate at Spice Market. They changed a couple of dishes from both nights and mornings but other than that, almost all the dinner spreads and morning spreads were the same.

Dinner Buffet:

Breakfast Buffet:

I've researched the internet that the price for having a buffet meal there would costs P1500++. If that is accurate, then the buffet is not worth paying that much. It may look like there are a lot of choices but all of the food were just mediocre. Ohh wait, the Beef Tapa served on the second morning was pretty good. That was the only dish we remember. So if you have to pay for your meals when staying at the resort, I suggest to ordering a la carte.

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