Friday, December 28, 2012

Outfit Post # 57

top: COTTON ON // pants: LUSCIOUS CLOSET // shoes: ZARA //

Another Sunday lunch outfit. Since the weather is becoming quite chilly, I wore my favorite white knit top with a pair of floral cigarette pants. I think the prints gave this skinny effect of my hips because that afternoon, people asked me if I've lost weight. Anyway this will be my last photo entry with that long straight hair because I made a drastic move last weekend. My hairstylist Rachel cut about 5 inches of my hair!!! Will post the entire  freaky event soon! :D Happy Holidays Everyone!

Have A Lovely Day! 


  1. mukhang pumayat ka nga! but petite ka naman eversince ^_~ wah, you cut your hair na, can't wait for your new hairdo!! By the way, loved the top ^_~ Stylish as always!! naks! ^_~

    1. Hindi nga ako pumapayat dai! I'm not petite. Maybe sa pictures I do look like that pero in person definitely not!! :D Thanks Janet for the wonderful comments!

  2. Aww *_* such a beautiful trousers


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