Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweet Pea Kit from 1 Acces Packaging


Don't you ever get annoyed that whenever you travel you have to bring your jumbo sized toiletries that take up 1/4 of your luggage space? Don't you find it wasteful of your precious baggage weight to bring those newly opened 100ml or more necessary liquid products when you only need a tiny amount because you're only going away for less than a week?

I found my solution to that!

Because I'm a cheapo, what I usually do is I reuse shampoo bottles I got from hotel bathrooms. I empty the content and put what bath products I use in them. Yeee! Kadirs! But honestly, that's what I have to do because I don't want to shell out my hard earned money on those expensive travel bottles from Beabi or Muji. I was tempted to purchase some before but when I computed that I have to pay more than P400 for a 3 bottle kit from Beabi, I returned them back to the shelf. 

This Sweet Pea Kit which includes a cute clear plastic case ( you can personalize the color of your case ), 2 35ml flip top cap bottles and 1 35ml spray bottle from 1 Acess Packaging cost P70 ONLY!   

I have used my kit on my last Macau Trip and during my family's weekend Misibis Bay Trip. I decided to put my can't-leave-home-without detangle hair spray, facial cleanser and make up remover in my kit since I was able buy sachets of shampoo and conditioner.  


Here are the other clear plastic cases and mesh kits you can choose from. You can also choose what kind and size of bottles you want to be placed inside.

Have A Lovely Day!

1 Acces Packaging Corporation
264 Roosevelt Avenue San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City
Tel: 3742711, 3742713, 4142015, 4151800

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