Friday, November 02, 2012

Aux Beaux Arts at MGM, Macau

I'm super excited to post this specific restaurant because it is one of the most expensive places I've ever eaten in my entire life! This was actually my second time to dine there. The first was when the companion surprised me for a romantic Valentine's dinner last February. Pronounced as "O-bu-sah", the establishment is located at a 5-star US1.25 billion property; it will definitely impress anyone who sees it.

"Aux Beaux Arts pays tribute to the 1930’s French Brasserie, celebrating art, culture, and French Cuisine in a warm and comfortable environment. Aux Beaux Arts features Daily High Tea on a naturally sunlit terrace. For dinner, enjoy classic brasserie fare. Chef Elie Khalife brings a decade of experience from the finest Parisian kitchens to create a very special dining destination."

Upon entering the venue, the freshest seafoods will allure you to order them and eat them. lol.

Fancy interior for a fancy restaurant.

We started our meal with a bottle of white.

My messy table space. :D

Uncle prevented me to eat a lot of this superb freshly baked bread to have more room for our meal ahead.

We all got the SEAFOOD PASSION for MOP888 per person. It's an eat all you can buffet spread of the seafoods shown at the entrance. Choices are the following: Oyster, Maine Lobster, Mussels, Sea Prawns, Alaskan Crab Legs, Green Crabs, Langoustines, Clams, Periwinkles.

I, of course, attacked the out-of-this-world extremely sweet Maine Lobsters! I probably ate like 4 to 5 whole pieces!

I also loved the langoustines, mussels, clams, basically I loved everything. I had servings after servings for those.

I don't like raw oysters, maybe it's because my palate isn't sophisticated enough?? Like from previous visit, I asked the waitstaff to have them baked with Pancetta and cheese. OH EM GEE! They were heaven!

Aside from the seafood feast, the companion ordered this US Beef Tenderloin with Seared Duck Liver and Truffle sauce Rossini and Rosti Potato MOP360 for us to share because when I tried it way back last Feb, I almost cried of euphoria because it was just out of this world! REAL TRUFFLE BITS were in the sauce!

Lastly, even if I was super full up to my throat that the food won't go down anymore, they still insisted for me to eat my favorite Freshly Baked Soft Centered Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Salt and Vanilla Ice Cream MOP60. I, surprisingly finished ever morsel of this sinful dessert!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. WOW!!! kabongga naman ng seafood!! I've never seen so much seafood infront of my table so buong buhay ko! lolz~ Pero super expensive ng MOP888 pero worth it naman kasi the lobster and everything! Hindi din ako mahilig sa raw oyster, there's one time we went to spiral lahat cla they go for the raw oyster ako naman dun sa shrimp, I am just so mainstream eh..bwhaha..^_~

    1. Bonggacious din sa sarap! Yap yap pretty worth it naman. Sa spirals or circles pwedi mo ma-bake with cheese ung oysters and mussels! Alam mo naman mga Chinese like us hindi kumakain ng raw. :D

  2. inggit!!! new found allergies: seafood... :(

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! you eat claritin before we have seafood meals!

  3. Ah man I'm drooling!
    You are so lucky to eat
    at this fancy place c:
    I love seafood, it's my
    favorite type of meat!


    1. Thanks! I dont eat those often btw. That was just my second time to eat there. :D


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