Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Estabelecimento De Comidas Sang Lei, Macau

After our heavy lunch of congee and noodles at Leong Heng Kei, Uncle insisted we walk straight to Sang Lei to have coffee or tea ( also located near Senado ). You always see this establishment whenever I blog my trip to Macau because it's one of my favorite. ( Click here to view my previous visit. )

Beside Sang Lei is the famous Cafe E Nata where you can get freshly baked egg tarts.

Small eateries like this one do not have English menu. The servers DO NOT know how to speak or understand English as well. Say " Nai-Cha" for milk tea. "Dong" for cold and "Re" for hot. Also don't forget to say "Polo Pao" to get their TDF pineapple bun bread.

Cold Milk Teas for me and Auntie.

Hot Milk Tea for Uncle. The right way to mix the hot milk tea. The milk is served in a glass with a strainer on top. The hot brewed tea is served in a tin pot.

This is the pineapple bun. It does not have any hint of pineapple taste at all. The crust is composed of sugar and butter. It is called pineapple bun because they said it looks like one. Do you agree? :D

Buttered white bread with condensed milk for the boy. I ate the half part.

The receipt. They waitstaff encircles all the corresponding prices of the customers' orders. HOW FASCINATING! lol

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. I think you can say "yit" for hot, since "re" is Mandarin. while "bing" is cold in Mandarin, and "dong" in Cantonese.

    1. Actually yours are better because Macau is more of a Cantonese speaking place though most of them can understand Mandarin. But since I cannot speak Cantonese, I still with my rusty Mandarin. :D Thanks for dropping by Erin!

    2. Ha, don't worry, yun lang rin ang alam ko when I'm out ordering. Very important since I always like to order hot drinks :)

    3. hahaha! if those fail, hand sign nalang or turo turo sa picture nalang ginagawa ko! :))

  2. Replies
    1. You can make that! then give me some :P


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