Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ponte 16 Tak Heng Seafood Hot Pot

Hello darlings! How's your weekday going? Mine's really slow.. :(

Anyway, this will be my last restaurant post from my Macau trip. Woohoo!

For our last dinner in Macau, they asked me what I wanted to eat. I was craving for something tummy warming so I suggested we have a delicious Hot Pot dinner to cap off our 6-day vacation.

We went to one of the companion's favorite shabu-shabu place. The whole restaurant was well lit and spotless clean.

This greeted us at the entrance. Evidence that we are dining at a true Chinese restaurant.

 After ordering this "sauce girl" with her cart went to our table.

So much choices to choose from but I just got my usual combo of a teaspoon of garlic and lots of green onions.

Superior beef soup stock. It was pretty tasty.

Gooey Duck two ways. First way: Sashimi.

Second way: The tough part was cooked with congee.

We got meat slices, meatballs, seafood balls, vegetables, and mushrooms.

My most favorite food of the night, meatballs with cheese. I ate like 10 pieces of that!

This restaurant is not an eat-all-you-can so it was a bit pricey. But we are all happy to go back because everything we ate was fresh and high quality.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. wow the meatball with cheese is new to me!! never ko pa natry yan ever!! mag-experiment nga sa bahay nyan..hehe ^_~

    1. Sa Gloria Maris and King One meron na ganyan. Beef ball with cheese. Try it!

  2. Ummm looks so yummy!! I love shabu shabu and love to visit Macau someday.. Thanks for your lovely comment, and it makes me happy :)) xo akiko
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  3. You always seem to be on holiday! I want your travel life!! the food looks totally delish


    1. I know but I think that's the last for this year :P

  4. what a beautiful header!! :D :D :D i've been craving hotpot for a time now!! should really drag my friends out with me to indulge. lol. i'm so jealous of all your macau trips, woman.



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