Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Shun Tak Restaurant, Macau

For dinner we went to Shun Tak Tsai Kwan to have their famous Standing Chicken for dinner. 

Yes, the chicken really did stand!

Check it out!

We had dinner around 7:30 pm and the place was almost empty. Since we called for reservation earlier that day, I murmured that maybe we should not have bothered to call because apparently, nobody was eating there. lol. The companion being epal politely asked the waitstaff where the eaters were. The waitstaff replied to us saying the normal dinner time starts at 9 till dawn. So the place will eventually be packed and without any reservation, one cannot dine there. ( OHH-KAY... My bad. )

The foods they serve are posted on the walls.

We had Winter Melon Soup served inside a real Winter Melon fruit. It was my first time to see a real one in person ( malaki pala siya! ). Cool beans!

Tofu with Mixed Mushrooms

The famous Standing Chicken! Uncle ordered 4 of those to be eaten by 8 guests. Since I cannot eat chicken, I only sampled a tiny piece of it just to know how it tastes. The skin was super crispy. For me it was like a normal chicken cooked in a Peking duck way?! They use scissors to cut the whole chicken into smaller pieces! How ingenious is that?!

Fried Spareribs

Jumbo Seafood Hotpot filled with Crabs, Scallops, Fish, Clams, and Baby Abalone.

Stewed Duck Meat

Stir Fried Kailan Greens

Fried Mashed Something with Vegetables

Grilled Peppers

I ate tons of these Baby Abalones! Yummy!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Replies
    1. I gained a lot eating all those delicious food!

  2. hahaha, yan ang tawag na do not judge a book by its cover~ lolz! malamang sabay taas kilay ang respond sanyo kasi unanderesitimate nyo daw cla..keke~ as usual, your food post makes me HUNGRY!!! arrrgggghhhh...

    1. hay nako feeling ko naintindihan nila ung sinasabi ko! lol. haha its fine, tingin ka lang naman you arent actually eating those huge amount of food! :D

  3. Ah this looks like fun! That tofu and mushrooms looks really good right now. Thanks for sharing pictures of your experience!

    1. Actually the Tofu and Mushrooms was one of my favorite dishes that night. It was tasty and absolutely healthy!

  4. Gosh your recent posts have been about food, food and more food... lol they are making me hungry alright.

    1. I AM SORRY!!! I'm posting sights and sceneries today for a change :D

  5. Okay, I was hungry but decided against eating. I logged on to 20SB instead. AND I saw your comment with the STANDING CHICKEN! Nahilo yata ako sa gutom haha :D At na-amaze na din. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng standing chicken ha. :) The food looks great. Good thing you had the whole place to yourselves!

    1. HAHAHAHA! I AM SORRY! I guess the chicken was roasted that way kaya nakaktayo siya ng ganan? :P


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