Saturday, November 17, 2012

Color Combos: Rose Moisturizing Mask

There are 6 variants of the Combos Skin Face Masks. ( Source )

Let me tell you a quick background story why I bought this face mask. I was queuing up to pay for my purchases at Sasa when I began to focus my attention to the lady in front of me. She looked AMAZING. I mean her skin was porcelain white and not a spot of blemish can be found. I thought she was a Korean because she looked and dressed like one but when she was about to pay she spoke in Cantonese. So automatically, the USISERA in me checked out what she got in her basket. Then I saw a couple of these Combo Skin boxes. She got a red one and a purple one. So I quit the line and got myself a box of it as well. If this is making her skin super perfect then it might work wonders on my skin too! 

 I like that it has English translation of how to use the masks and what the ingredients are.

 Squeaky clean face without an ounce of make up.

" HOLD UP ITO !! " 

NYAHAHAHAHA! For the sake of blogging, I am posting this ridiculous picture of myself!

Price: HKD69 ( about P365 ) for a box of 10 pieces

Description: A specially formulated Rose moisturizing face mask, enriching with Rose Flower Water, Peony Flower, Magnolia Flower, Lily Flower extract and Hyaluronic Acid, it can be penetrated into dermis effectively, and helps to soften and smooth your facial skin. Your skin will then be revitalized after just a single use. For a better result, applying it on a regular basis will help your skin pink ,smooth and moisturized as a rose. 

What I think: I didn't use it for 20 minutes as the package says. :P I used it for 1 WHOLE HOUR! Sayang kasi. lol. The mask was refreshing on my face. The mask itself was pretty thick that it didn't tear when I was tugging it to fit my whole fat face. After taking it out, I noticed my face was brighter, softer, and heavily moisturized. I AM LOVING THIS BRAND na!!! 

Will I repurchase this: Definitely! This face mask has other varieties which I will surely get on my next visit to Sasa.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. hahaha! I do that too but mostly with SA~ there was one time I went to MAC because I loved the glow in the SA face so I ask her what she put on her face kasi ang ganda ng finish! good thing, the SA didn't force me to buy other things. She just suggested me but I turned it down and just go with the highlighter that makes her skin glow so gorgeous!

    Ang ganda na kaya ng skin mu, flawless na kaya! no need na face mask pa~ ^_~

    1. Madami rin ako tiny blemishes specially if I have monthly period. lol. I just dont post those pictures :D


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