Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Weekend Snacks: Krispy Kreme, Buco Express, Potato Corner, R Lapid's

Walking around Glorietta last Saturday, this caught our attention. There was like a 30 min line towards Krispy Kreme. Being "USI" we went there and found out Citibank has this promo of giving away free donuts upon purchasing a certain amount. DAMN! How come nobody told us that?! I have been using my Metrobank Card that gives away nothing for free when I also have a Citibank card that I hardly use! When the companion saw how frustrated I was, he said he'll get me donuts just to stop me from ranting. OWW.. How sweet..

Half a dozen for me and half a dozen for him.

We went to Wilcon City Mall located at Quezon City to do some errands. Before leaving we saw a lot of food stalls and since it was merienda time we got a couple of snacks from different booths. First time to try Buco Express and it was delicious! I got a shake and I saw the staff using fresh coconut meat which he blended with fresh buco juice and ice.

My ultimate favorite movie snack. The Trio!

My weekend will never be complete without some CHICHARON from R Lapid's, they are the best!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. I, honestly don't know the hype on KK aside as most of them are too sweet~ the only tolerable one is yun honey glazed pero i think its a tad sweet padin~ Pinipilahan lang cya dahil dun sa citibank promo kasi the hype ngaun is with J&CO donuts na. Na-try mu na yun?

    1. Yap yap! The super long line was for claiming the free donuts. Ung katabing cashier thats the line for people who are paying for their donuts so hindi kami pumila ng matagal :D Yap I tried J&CO once pero mas gusto ko KK kaysa doon? Marami lang toppings J&CO pero mas masarap parin ung donuts mismo ng KK.


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