Monday, November 19, 2012

Titanic Exhibition at The Venetian Macau

We were scheduled to cross over to Hong Kong that day but due to laziness unforeseen event ( not waking up early ), they decided not to go there anymore. I felt bad because I was pretty excited to visit my favorite shops ( Cotton On, H&M, and other small shops ). Anyway to cheer me up the companion did  a quick research on what shows or other cool stuff we can do that afternoon. He brought me to The Venetian Hotel to see the Titanic Exhibition while the parents rested and slept the afternoon away.

"Come see the new interactive exhibition organized together with National Geographic, showcasing over 400 artifacts from The Titanic, her sister ships, and famous films to tell the chronological, dramatic tale."

"Learn about the design, creation, launch and tragedy of the largest, most luxurious ship in the world at the time. Titanic artifacts are set inside beautiful recreations of the ship’s interior and tell the latest details of her sinking and discovery."

Aside our tickets, we were given passports of REAL people who had boarded the ship.

He is the reason why Titanic went down. He even had the audacity to saved himself and hopped into one of the few precious lifeboats along with some women and children.

The officers of Titanic.

I cried hard after reading their story! Jack and Rose had nothing on them. Click here to find out their story.

Tableware for first class passengers.

Tableware for second class passengers.

The tableware of third class passengers.

The Grand Staircase

Third Class Cabin

Exact replica of the sky the night Titanic went down.

Heart of the Ocean

Overall the exhibit was big but the artifacts were not much. It can be boring to people who aren't fans of the Titanic Movie or aren't simply interested to know what tragedy happened before ( ie. the companion ). Anyway I enjoyed it and that's all that matters. :D

Before we left the exhibit, we got this since we are suckers for expensive and unnecessary souvenirs!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. I went to the Titanic exhibit in SG. It was such a surreal (sometimes creepy) experience. :)

    1. Exactly! Ang creepy talaga! From 1,800 passengers, 400 lang ung na saved! :(

  2. Ok to chi ah(^u^)

    hopefully they can place that in hongkong museums sa december (^u^) i really like to go to hongkong museums both science and history me and my brothers always drop by whenever we go there, luckily this december we're going yey! Sana may titanic din doon, last year meron about dinosaurs naman... have you seen yung hisyory museum nila chi? In my opinion "yah sui" cool and amzing yung pakakaconstruct (^u^) may old hongkong and everything heehee (^u^) 

    1. Ohh actually I've never been to Hong Kong museum! I wasn't even aware may Hong Kong Museum pala! When I have time I would like to see that too! :D

  3. (^u^) hongkong has lots of museums scattered around the island, iba iba locations nila. Only the Science museum and history museum are next to each other. They have a space museum that's located near the avenue of stars area. and a much farther museum would be yung maritime museum near the Noah's ark museum . It is quite interesting to go see them, hope you would enjoy them like i do chi (^u^)

    1. Ohh wow! ang dami pala! okie dokie! Will do that on my next visit then! :D

  4. Great Post!! Love it! How much does it cost to take a picture at Grand Stair Case like Jack and Rose Style?
    Do I need to stay at Venetian Hotel to take a picture at Grand Staircase? I am planning to go to Macau in this Chinese New Year. May thanks!

    1. Thanks David Nathan! Uhmm there are picture packages you can avail. The one I got which includes one A4 picture and one 3R costs about if i'm not mistaken less than MOP250. You DO NOT need to be checked in at Venetian to be able to go to this exhibit as this exhibit has an entrance fee! :D

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