Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lush Haul

A couple of weeks ago, while walking around Glorietta Mall, I passed by the LUSH Store. The strong perfumey scent of the products allured me into walking inside and made me purchased a number of things! 

The mind was strong but the nose was weak. NYAHAHAHA! 

I had to give in and took home these pleasurable scented little goodies.

I got 3 Bubble Bars and a block of mixed soap bars.

I've been reading good reviews about Honey I washed the Kids Soap so I inquired about that. It was my first time to purchase Lush Soap so I felt horrified when the staff told me a 100 grams ( about the size of a palm ) of this costs almost P400. MAHAL SIYA! When the staff heard my embarrassing reaction, she suggested this Top of The Blocks soap bar which costs P525 but has 2 different varieties of soap bars with 100 grams each.

Karma Bubble Bar. I have tried this before and I love the scent so much I repurchased it again .

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar Slice. I'm a sucker of seasonal items so I got one.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Nice hauls!!Bihira lang ako bumili sa lush kasi super mega duper mahal ng soap nila but infairness its organic and natural naman~ Sometimes I find the smell too strong as in ang lakas ng scent nya kahit hindi ka pa pumpasok sa shop, yun smell na-aamoy mu na sa labas..

    1. Malakas nga but I like anything mabango! :D What I do pa nga is I get a bathball then nilalagay ko sa harap ng aircon so buong kwarto ko amuy mabango! :D

  2. this is cute esp the last item.... :D

    i nominated you for the leibster blog award:)



    1. Thank you so much Gracina Estrella! :D

  3. I love LUSH! Very nice haul c: xx


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